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RoverStar presents itself :

The donkey farm exists since 38 years.

Here is a summary of the story in pictures and here you see some foals of past years.

The donkeys live in an open stable, summer and winter, and share the field with Highland cows.

All animals are regularly dewormed, get proper hoofcare and in case of an illness they get homeopathic treatment as first measure.

We have been breeding with heart and mind for 36 years, it was and is the health of the animals that counts as our primary goal, living a healthy and long life.

Healthy by

  • good bloodline
  • good teeth
  • good exterior
  • good physique
  • good character.

Active means:

riding, driving, hiking, circus activities, breeding and more.
We try to prevent symptoms of old age, such as arthritis, early tooth loss, a defective position of the hooves and the like through good breeding. By this is a prolonged activity possible, a healthy life without early limitations.

It is not the "assembly line" bred (natural mating), the mares carry alternately every 2nd year.

Quality not quantity does count.

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Miniature Donkeys

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